We are lawyers who seek to improve the world.

Our Principles

We sue giant corporations and other powerful interests that harm people. We pursue cases—both class actions and individual claims—to halt unjust practices, hold wrongdoers accountable and recover financial damages for victims. We fight for those who need our help: workers, consumers, tenants, persons with disabilities, families, farmers, small businesses, investors, whistleblowers, women and communities of color.

Our Team

We have a team of gifted and experienced lawyers. They graduated from top law schools, clerked for judges, litigated groundbreaking cases, recovered hundreds of millions of dollars, published books and articles, and received multiple awards. Yet beyond their impressive résumés, our lawyers are creative and inspired litigators. They employ innovative legal strategies to overcome obstacles and secure justice for our clients.

Nonprofit Partners

We collaborate with nonprofit organizations around the world. Many nonprofit organizations serve the public interest, and they frequently uncover misconduct by powerful corporations and governments. Our firm works closely with selfless nonprofit organizations—both in the United States and abroad—to transform their investigative work into viable cases that strive to restore human rights and remedy economic injustices.