Practice Areas


Suing corporations for seeking to restrain or eliminate competition, including through price-fixing and monopolization.

Commodity Manipulation

Representing investors who were financially harmed when traders manipulated commodities markets.

Consumer Protection

Suing corporations that sell defective products, falsely advertise products, or fail to honor their warranties.

Disability Rights

Representing persons with disabilities who were denied full and equal enjoyment of the aspects of the modern world.

Employment Discrimination

Representing employees who were denied employment, underpaid, not promoted or wrongfully terminated due to discriminatory practices.

Exploited Workers Abroad

Representing foreign workers who were trafficked, injured or killed while working for government contractors or corporations abroad.

Fair Housing

Suing housing providers that have rejected tenants for discriminatory reasons or failed to make properties accessible to persons with disabilities.


Pursuing claims against processors, meatpackers and integrators that violate the law in order to depress prices paid to farmers.

Police Misconduct

Representing victims of police misconduct who were subject to wrongful arrest, excessive force or unlawful searches and seizures.

Securities Fraud

Suing corporations or their executives that made false statements, engaged in insider trading or established Ponzi schemes to defraud investors.


Wage theft collective action brought on behalf of construction workers performing work for W.G. Welch, LLC and HITT Contracting Inc.

Wage Theft

Litigating claims on behalf of workers who were denied minimum wage, denied overtime pay, or retaliated against for requesting compensation.


Representing whistleblowers who disclose fraud perpetrated on domestic governments, bribes to foreign governments or fraud in financial markets.

We are lawyers who seek to improve the world. We fight for: workers deprived of wages, consumers deceived about products, tenants denied access to housing, farmers mistreated by processors, parents deprived of adequate parental leave, investors who were defrauded, small businesses harmed by antitrust violations, persons with disabilities denied access, whistleblowers who uncover fraud, and women and communities of color subject to discrimination.

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