SquareTrade Consumer Action

Shuman v. SquareTrade, Inc., 3:20-cv-02725 (N.D. Cal.)

This proposed class action was brought by Michael Shuman on behalf of himself and a proposed class of individuals that purchased SquareTrade protection plans. When purchasing protection plans from SquareTrade, consumers are promised that if the covered item should break within the specified period, the consumer will receive repair, replacement or full reimbursement. The complaint asserts that, despite those promises, SquareTrade routinely and systematically failed to pay consumers the full reimbursement value of their covered items when those items broke.

Plaintiff Shuman is one of many consumers that have complained about SquareTrade’s routine underpayment. Despite multiple requests by Mr. Shuman for full reimbursement for the cost of his covered item and an appeal letter demanding such payment, Mr. Shuman was not made whole. The complaint asserts that SquareTrade’s actions constitute a breach of SquareTrade’s contracts with consumers and also violate state, federal and common law. The lawsuit seeks payments from SquareTrade to consumers to make them whole for the alleged systemic underpayment of claims.

A copy of the lawsuit is available HERE.

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