The New Yorker: How Trump Is Helping Tycoons Exploit the Pandemic

Jul 13, 2020
On June 22nd, in the baking heat of a parking lot a few miles inland from Delaware’s beaches, several dozen poultry workers, many of them Black or Latino, gathered to decry the conditions at a local poultry plant owned by one of President Donald Trump’s biggest campaign contributors. “We’re…

The Times-Tribune: Trash for Cash

Jul 08, 2020
Lackawanna County’s recent decision to stop sending certain prisoners to work at its recycling center should not impact the defense of a class action lawsuit that alleges the inmates were forced into slave labor, a county attorney said. Donald Frederickson, general counsel for the county, said the…

Route Fifty: Families of Prisoners Sue Over High Cost of Phone Calls

Jul 06, 2020
A new lawsuit filed in federal district court is taking aim at the high cost of making phone calls from prison. Families of incarcerated people are calling the prices charged for phone calls by telecom contractors in state prisons exorbitant and illegal. With prices that range from $9.99 or $14.99 f…

Press Release: Leading Housing Companies Sued for Allegedly Discriminating Against Older Americans in Advertising Apartments on Facebook

Jul 01, 2020
WASHINGTON—Today, in a historic civil rights action challenging digital housing discrimination on Facebook, a non-profit group and an older woman seeking to represent a class of thousands of older tenants filed a lawsuit against 10 residential property management companies, including a number of i…

Law360: Major Real Estate Cos. Accused Of Age Bias In Facebook Ads

Jul 01, 2020
A handful of major real estate companies were sued Wednesday in Maryland federal court over allegations they systematically discriminated against older residents in the Washington, D.C., area by targeting housing ads on Facebook to a young customer base.

Press Release: Families of Prisoners Sue Nation’s Largest Providers of Inmate Calling Services for Fixing and Lying about Prices

Jun 29, 2020
Today, families of prisoners filed a class action lawsuit against Global Tel*Link Corp. (“GTL”), Securus Technologies, LLC (“Securus”), and 3Cinteractive Corp. (“3CI”) for charging unlawfully inflated prices for collect calls made by incarcerated individuals in jails and prisons througho…

Law 360: Drivers Say Some VW Engines Stall In Traffic

May 28, 2020
A proposed class of drivers on Thursday accused Volkswagen Group of America Inc. of selling vehicles with an engine defect, saying they experienced stalling when they slowed down and had to pay out of pocket for repairs. Marilyn Dickinson and Kate Conroy told the Northern District of New York that V…

New York Times: Appeals Court Allows Emoluments Suit Against Trump to Proceed

May 14, 2020
A federal appeals court in Virginia on Thursday revived a lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating the Constitution by profiting from his Washington hotel, a decision that will most likely lead the Justice Department to appeal to the Supreme Court to keep the plaintiffs from gathering evidence …

Digital News Daily: Court Revives Lawsuit Accusing Apple Of Duping iPhone Purchasers

May 06, 2020
Apple must face claims that it duped consumers about the amount of storage capacity in iPhones and iPads, a federal appellate court ruled this week. The ruling, issued by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, reversed a decision by U.S. District Court Judge Edward Davila in San J…

HFA Sues SquareTrade for Allegedly Failing to Fully Reimburse Consumers as Promised

Apr 20, 2020
HFA, in partnership with the Gibbs Law Group, have filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against SquareTrade, Inc. ("SquareTrade") for allegedly failing to fully reimburse consumers who purchased the company's protection plans and subsequently qualified for reimbursement from them. SquareTrade sel…

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